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Upton 'insulted' by LACC policy, but misinformed

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Kate Upton does not think Los Angeles Country Club has model behavior.

The actress, Sports Illustrated supermodel and golf enthusiast took to Twitter Tuesday night to voice her distaste for an LACC policy that dictates certain times women can/cannot play.



You want the good news or the bad news first?

Let's start with the bad: Kate, you've been misinformed. But the good news: women can play there anytime of day.

LACC General Manager Kirk Reese told that "(Women not being allowed to play before noon) is absolutely not true," and the club "has had female members since 1898."

There are plenty of private clubs that have restrictions on women play, but it appears LACC is not one of them. So while Upton missed the mark on this one, we do appreciate her using her celebrity to bring the injustices in the golf world to light. 

And lastly, what blog about Kate Upton would be complete without a chance to revisit some of her most memorable photos on and off the golf course in recent years. Click here or on the image below for more photos of Upton.

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