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Video: Dufner barely misses birdie attempt

Jason Dufner
Getty Images

For a man who never smiles, Jason Dufner sure does turn a lot of frowns upside down. During a year in which he became a verb, this probably doesn't rank too high on his greatest hits of 2013, but it's not every day you see a professional golfer miss a putt like this. 

While paired with Dustin Johnson in this week's Franklin Templeton Shootout, Dufner was lining up a birdie putt on the ninth hole in the final round, when he just kind of lost the grip on his putter, accidently knocking his ball a couple feet to the right, and in the process knocking the serious faces off of his playing partners. Words don't do it justice so do youself a favor and watch the clip below. Don't worry, Dufner doesn't mind being the butt of a joke.