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Video: Jungle Bird resurfaces at soccer game

Jungle Bird
Getty Images

There’s been another Jungle Bird sighting in San Francisco.

The infamous videobomber from the 2012 U.S. Open at Olympic Club resurfaced again Wednesday when he crashed a soccer match at AT&T Field. Late in the friendly between Juventus and Everton, Jungle Bird strolled onto the pitch and attempted a penalty shot, which unfortunately went directly to keeper Tim Howard.

On his Facebook page, Jungle Bird (real name Andrew Dudley) explained his kick thusly: “btw, just to set the record straight, I couldn’t have scored because I would have put Juventus one up.” He added a winking emoticon.

At the game he was apparently protesting the illegal deforestation in the Congo. 

Hey, give The Bird credit for this: He is an equal-opportunity party crasher. He has made appearances at golf tournaments, a Notre Dame-Navy football game and, now, a soccer match.