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Video: Miss Israel leaves Rymer hanging on high-five

Getty Images

Golf Channel on-air personality Charlie Rymer had a tough gig Monday, chaperoning Miss Universe contestants as they took some swings on Doral’s new Red Tiger course. 

Everyone appeared to have a nice time, and the crowd had a few giggles at the ladies’ expense, but the event turned sour as you can see in this video below (posted by the Miami Herald). 

At about the 1:15 mark, Miss Israel addressed the ball with a narrow, closed stance, ready to take a swipe. She missed, but was undeterred, stepping right back into the batter’s box and smacking one up the center. 

Rymer appreciated her persistence and went to give her a high-five, but she wasn’t having it. Miss Israel turned away and left Rymer hanging. Brutal. 

Fortunately for everyone, Rymer shook off the embarrassment and promptly teed up a ball for Miss Lithuania. Good sport!


And here it is again in super slo-mo for your enjoyment. You can practically feel his disappointment through your computer screen.


If you'd like to dissect the diss further, the full clip is below: