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Video: Shaq's swing looks exactly as you'd imagine

Getty Images

There's plenty of big stars at this week's Greenbrier, but none bigger than NBA legend and current TV analyst Shaquille O'Neal, who stands over 7 feet tall.

At that size, you may think it would be tough to swing a golf club ... well, based on the video below, you'd be right:

This was actually his third attempt to hit his opening tee shot, and he makes prettty solid contact considering his first two resulted in whiffs so big they probably could've solved global warming.

O'Neal, who won four NBA Championships during his career, played the pro-am with Keegan Bradley, Greenbrier owner Jim Justice and Justice's son Jay. And while it looks like it was impossible not to have a good time, based on that swing we probably wouldn't want to be stuck behind them.

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