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Vonn hits the range, references 'amazing teacher'

Getty Images

Because rehabbing her injured knee just obviously wasn't enough, Lindsey Vonn found some time to squeeze in a range session last weekend.

Vonn, winner of the 2010 Olympic gold medal in downhill skiing, posted the image below to her Instragram on Saturday, along with the caption: "A little golf post workout. I did a frame by frame with my @gopro but I need more practice until I can show u that. good thing I have an amazing teacher! #workingonit #harderthanitlooks #sunset"

Quick observations:

1. Solid finish, nice weight shift.

2. Check out the Nike swag. Wonder how she got that. She must know somebody.

3. Need those divots to be in a tighter grouping.

4. Amazing teacher ... let's see ... stab in the dark here ... Sean Foley?