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Watch: Alligator just casually climbs golf course fence

Getty Images

Alligators seem to be enjoying golf courses this summer, which isn't great news for those who play the sport.

Recent video has emerged of an 8-foot gator scaling a chain-link fence to break into Hideaway Country Club in Fort Myers, Fla. 

"[The gator] wiggled some of the poles up a little bit," said Hideaway general manager Jeff Wilson, according to NBC 2. "In fact, he went over barbwire too, which is pretty amazing, but of course, alligator skin is pretty tough."

The gator not only climbed the vertical fence, but also snuck under the barbed wire overhang before descending to the other side, making a dash through the golf course trees. 

If the surprising agility of this reptile doesn’t scare you, let’s not forget the giant 15-foot, prehistoric-like gator that paraded on the greens of Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Fla. a month ago.

Florida ... no thanks.

h/t to Golf News Net