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Watch: Fowler serves as OSU homecoming marshal

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This will come as a shock to anyone who hasn't seen him play every Sunday since turning pro while dressed head to toe in burnt orange, but Rickie Fowler once attended Oklahoma State University.

And it appears the affection between Fowler and OSU is mutual, as the Cowboys welcomed him to be their homecoming grand marshal before their football game against Baylor on Saturday.

The 28-year-old spent the weekend at his old stomping grounds in Stillwater, taking part in the homecoming pep rally by using a golf club to hit some goodies into the crowd.

“Homecoming Weekend – when people see it, they understand a little bit more what Oklahoma State is, what it stands for, Fowler explained to the Stillwater News Press. "The amount of people that come back for Walkaround, for the parade this morning, you always feel like you know people in the crowd or people that are out there. I got to be part of that for two years, that was long enough to make it ongoing."

Clearly inspired by the four-time PGA Tour winner's presence, the Cowboys crushed the Baylor Bears 59-16.