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NFL QB, coach fall for fake snake on golf course

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If you love the old fake-snake-on-the-golf-course trick, and around here we do, have we got the Instagram page for you.

Sir Hissalot, an Instagram page that describes itself as, "an angry snake that slithers down cart paths and scares the sh*t out of golfers, cart girls and caddies," is exactly that. And it is spectacular.

Its latest victims, new Cleveland Browns quarterback, Brock Osweiler and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton:

@nfl quarterback @bosweiler17 is not a fan of #hissalot! (@coopsgolf)

A post shared by Sir Hissalot (@hissalot) on

The @saints might have to find a new coach next year... #Hissalot just destroyed #SeanPayton @coopsgolf

A post shared by Sir Hissalot (@hissalot) on

It really never gets old.

h/t to Barstool Sports