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Watch: Take a tour of Beef's home

Getty Images

Everybody loves Beef. Even vegetarians. We're speaking, of course, of Andrew "Beef" Johnston, golf's new "It" guy. The one with the unplayable-lie beard. The one who repeatedly cracks himself up with a running monologue delivered in an often-impenetrable accent. Whether he's freely admitting that "I can't wait to get hammered" after a tournament win, battling a 32-ounce steak (Beef vs. beef, and you know who's going to win that one) or celebrating a hole-out by dancing with a competitor, Beef never fails to entertain.

Realizing the budding superstar they have on their hands, the fine folks at the European Tour had Beef host this video tour of his home. Enjoy. Just don't ask us what he's saying.