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Welcome to the Grill Room!

Grill Room
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You’ve just had a long, tiring day on the course and you and your buddies are jonesing for a cold beverage. You kick back, relax and discuss myriad topics including the day’s round, Tiger Woods, other sports, current events and the opposite gender.

Welcome to the Grill Room. A safe space to share anything and everything golf - and non-golf - related. Think of this forum as the local watering hole where you're meeting friends; a space where anything goes. The wackier, the more welcome. The funnier, the far more welcome. No judging and certainly, like Jimmy Dugan in 'A League of their Own' says, 'There's no crying in baseball ... eh, the Grill Room.'

Enter the Grill Room for humor, entertainment, photos and stats

The Grill Room is a friend to all, so ladies, there will be plenty here for you as well.

Grab a frothy drink, let your hair down, engage, share your experiences and enjoy with us the lighter side of golf.