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Working on his swing, Curry wrecks hotel room

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The internet was buzzing over Stephen Curry's broken hotel room glass table on Thursday, and now he's opened up a little more about the incident to NBC Sports reporter Kerith Burke.

Curry tweeted that he broke the table while practicing his golf swing, and he told Burke that he accidentally dropped a 7-iron on the table when his phone alarm startled him. He added that he was lucky he wasn't cut considering he was barefoot at the time.

Curry's wife confirmed in the comments section that "he's always playing invisible golf.

As for why exactly he was traveling with his golf clubs and trying to get his swing just right on a team road trip? Well we're just guessing, but it could have something to do with his tee time at Augusta National on Saturday.

Original story, March 1:

When it comes to swinging clubs inside, Kevin Costner in Tin Cup Steph Curry is not.

Now don't get us wrong. Curry is quite the stick. The Golden State Warriors guard and NBA MVP posted 74-74 at the Tour's Ellie Mae Classic last summer. So talent isn't the issue.

No, it's his passion for the game that's now an issue for one (Atlanta or Washington D.C.) hotel.

The Warriors have an off day on Thursday after topping the Wizards on Wednesday night, and they'll return to action Friday against the Hawks, leaving Steph the rest of the day to get this sorted out.

Hopefully, this somehow involved Draymond.