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The Clock Strikes Midnight

Big Break: MesquiteUnfortunately, my time has come to an end on this series of the Big Break. BK and Josh played very well and I just couldnt find the right answer. On this day, they were the better players and deserve to go face-to-face for the title. A couple of putts and, who knows, the outcome might have been different. Regardless, I truly enjoyed being here and this experience was something I will remember for years to come.
Going to an elimination was something I didnt have to go through during the previous 10 shows. I watched the other guys do it and you just cant imagine the waves of emotion your body endures during the process. I guess I should have talked to Kevin a little more about it since he went 7-1 and I went 0-1. I hit plenty of good shots over the course of the series but what it boiled down to was one bad swing at the wrong time and it was HASTA LA PASTA for this kid. Thats golf for you, and you got to love it.
Before my 10 minutes of fame are over, I just want to say that this was a great bunch of guys and what you see isnt necessarily what you get. In the heat of competition, you sometimes say and do things you normally wouldnt.
As for me, since I didnt win, does anyone have a good job for me? I might need it. All kidding aside, I hope everyone enjoyed watching this show as much as I enjoyed competing on it. THANKS AND GOOD-BYE.
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