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The Heat is ON

Big Break: MesquiteIts a blistering 120 degrees out here in Mesquite, but its hotter under the collar for my boy A-Rod. A misunderstanding almost turned into a Royal Rumble between Anthony and Brian. I think we missed out on an opportunity to make golf fun to watch. Just picture it, Big Breaks Ultimate Elimination Challenge WWE style. We put A-Rod and BK on the 18th green surrounded by ring ropes. Big Gerry can wipe the dust off the old mask and guest referee. After trading blows and some suplexes, BK goes to his finishing move and yells A-GOD!!! while Big Gerry counts 1,2,3. It would have made GOLF CHANNEL history.
Wow, the heat must be getting to me. Im turning golf into wrestling and I havent watched any of it for 15 years. To tell you the truth, I have blown the whole mishap out of proportion. A few words were said and it was all over in five minutes. Amongst the chaos, there was some golf being played.
The shock of the day has to be Matt Every. Matt is such a gifted player, who won just about every award you could win in college. When he got eliminated, I was just stunned. It just shows you anything can happen in golf under this kind of format.
Well, Week 2 is in the books and I need to go and get some rest. Hey, Im 38 years old and its tough to go out in this heat and battle Mr. No Legs all day. Stay tuned and I will see you guys next week.
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