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Wire-to-Wire Win

Big Break: MesquiteNine shows in and we are down to the nitty gritty. It feels like it was just yesterday when the premiere show hit the airways and now we are down to Big Breaks version of The Final Four. Every player left should be very proud of the way they have performed on the show. They have proved in one way or another that they belong in a position to win the grand prize.
Somehow, I have found a way to stay on top of the Chrysler Points Challenge. I wish I could say its because I am that much better than the rest of the guys. The truth is, its a combination of some good golf, good strategy, and a little bit of luck. Regardless, I am very happy with my position up to this point in the show.
I truly do enjoy being the marked target. It means that everybody is chasing you. I love the challenge of seeing guys execute great shots and having the opportunity to top the last shot. Trust me: these guys are hitting great shots under the circumstances. I challenge anyone out there to give it a try. There are no easy shots in this competition.
Win or lose, I am honored to compete with every player here. They are all gifted players and I know they will all go on to do great things. Wire-to-wire would be a great accomplishment, but multiple obstacles still remain. I know these guys are going to do whatever it takes to knock me out, but this old guy still has a few tricks up his sleeve.
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