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Story Behind the Story Big Breaks Rasputin

Big Break: MesquiteWere halfway through Big Break: Mesquite and we have done our best to mix things up. There have been a variety of challenges, a Ryder Cup-style competition, an all-day elimination and a bunch of different personalities. But there have also been some constants. So far, every day has ended with Hiroshi on top of the leaderboard and Kevin at the bottom. And both of them are to be congratulated.
Hiroshi has been consistent from the very first challenge on. So far he has hit only one truly bad shot, the drive he lost in the rocks during the singles portion of the team competition. And, despite losing his ball, he still finished the hole at par with what we jokingly referred to as the delayed eagle.
But, I have also been thoroughly impressed with Kevin. He is six shows in and has amassed exactly 1 point. Yet, despite this futility, he has remained in the competition by excelling in the elimination challenges as hes seen the likes of Matt and Anthony go by the wayside. I think a key part of his success is that he is so loose. The other players spend the first half of the competition trying to avoid the elimination, while he already knows that hes going. That keeps him calm when it comes time to perform under pressure. His nickname among the players was the Eliminator but I called him Rasputin. Like the mad Russian monk, you just cant kill him. Every time you think hes done, he gets back up off of the ground and keeps going.
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