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Story Behind the Story Long Road Almost Over

Big Break: MesquiteWere down to our final two competitors and the end is in sight. The process of making a season of the Big Break is a long one. We began back at the start of the year taking in over 5,000 applications and writing up challenges. Hundreds of people were involved as we flew around the country and held auditions and scouted golf courses. We went to Mesquite in July and shot over the course of two and a half weeks with an amazing crew of about 75 that held up strong in the heat and under the pressure.
By the time we reached Mesquite wed narrowed the field of competitors from 5,000 down to 12 and they battled it out in a test of golf skill and endurance until they crowned a champion. Finally, we brought nearly a thousand tapes back to GOLF CHANNEL headquarters and began the editing process. To do that there have been long hours, last minute changes and endless nights of cutting and re-cutting hoping to present a compelling version of what took place in Mesquite.
Now were down to the final week and last two competitors 'Josh and Brian.
Amazingly, Brian was the very first person to audition for the show. I had the good fortune to interview him and I knew right away that hed be great on the show. His wife had a baby right before production and we were worried that he couldnt make it. I also had the good fortune to interview Josh at his audition and I have to say that Im a bit surprised he made it to the end. I thought he had game, but he has truly impressed me. Ultimately thats what the Big Break is all about. Its about guys from different backgrounds and different levels of experience challenging each other. And, no matter who comes out victorious, I cant help but think the real winners are those of us who get to come together and work on this exhausting, exhilarating show. I consider myself lucky to be one of them.
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