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Story Behind the Story Looking the Other Way

Big Break: MesquiteAs a professional wrestler, Gerry James competed as the evil Agent Orange. But it turns out that the real-life Gerry is much kinder and gentler.
This has been on display during the run of Big Break: Mesquite where Gerry has displayed sportsmanship, camaraderie and one very unusual trait ' the unwillingness to watch the competition putt during elimination challenges.
He says that its for a simple reason. He wants to avoid elimination, but he doesnt want to root against anybody. He figures that by looking the other way, he wont subconsciously pull for somebody to fail. The problem is that hes missing the chance to get a good read on the greens. This week he made it through, but one has to wonder: Will he continue to look the other way as the numbers get smaller? Youll have to keep watching to find out.
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