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Story Behind the Story Nitties and the Meters Problem

Big Break: MesquiteA product of the Australian Institute of Sport, James Nitties has had a great career here in the United States. He is a frequent Monday Qualifier on the Nationwide Tour, having played in eight events so far this year. Whenever he plays in the States he has to convert the yardages into meters. And, he says, this is no problem. He knows the conversions by heart. But, for some reason, he has struggled with them in Mesquite.
This was first apparent on the opening day during the Choose Your Distance challenge. Because there was a time limit and the players were racing to their distances, he got a little flustered and had trouble figuring out which yardage to select. He joked with me later that this was very atypical and that hed be sure not to make the mistake again.
But he did make the mistake again during the alternate-shot competition of the team challenge. Paired with Anthony, he had the second shot. The distance that Anthony gave him ' which was correct ' was 129 yards, which works out to be 118 meters. But for some reason, James came up with a distance of 110 meters. Im not sure why he made the mistake; it might have had something to do with discussing the distance and club with a partner instead of doing it alone. It also might have had something to do with the mood that both of them were in ' down by a point after one hole. Whatever the reason, Jamess shot wound up short and the team was lucky to get away with a half point.
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