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Story Behind the Story Remembering Mesquite

Big Break: MesquiteCongratulations to Brian on winning Big Break: Mesquite. He will represent the guys well at Mayakoba. As a recap of the season, here are the moments that stick out the most to me for each player.
Roger was only on the show for one episode, but he still left some indelible memories. My favorite was in the Choose Your Distance challenge when little Roger picked the farthest spot. He didnt win the challenge, but he won a lot of hearts.
Matts early elimination was the biggest surprise for me. My favorite Matt moment was actually his last shot. Frustrated at how poorly hed been playing that day, he went to the final spot in the elimination challenge and buried a shot right by the pin. I thought it was enough to get him through, but he wound up losing by one stroke. Still, despite his disappointment, he handled the loss with total class.
Anthony had a pretty tempestuous time on the show. Nowhere was that more visible than on his final elimination when he knocked the ball into the water, sealing his fate. The key moment was the reaction: I thought that was perfect, followed by a club throw. Josh described it best when he said, He javelined it.
Mark was pretty quiet but the moment that stands out the most for me was how much fun he had playing roulette in the casino after he was eliminated.
Matt did a great job on the glass break, but the real key moment for him was he bombed the long putt to win the first hole of the team challenge. So much changed as a result of that single point.
James played great, but my favorite moment with him came after the team challenge when the two of us were walking to the interview room. He was fuming about the challenge and what had occurred. He was mad at A-Rod and kept saying, I wont say this on camera, but Eventually, I was able to get him to say some of it on camera.
Benoit was a surprise. Hes a pretty down to earth guy. The moment that stuck with me the most was during an interview when he offhandedly said, Snake collects guns. I asked him who Snake was, and he told me it was his girlfriend. That says a lot.
Kevin was probably the most well-liked among the other players. His play in the elimination challenges was all memorable, but the moment that sticks with me is when he told me about a time when he was fighting with this family and had been kicked out of the house. He almost teared up as he talked about his mother sneaking him some food.
Gerry was the mountain man. I will never forget the series of shots that took him to the top of the range. Then down off the cart path. And, finally, a near chip in for eagle. Unbelievable.
Hiroshi was the consummate professional throughout the taping. He was also lights out a great golfer. Two things stand out for me and both of them involve losing to Josh ' first in the singles match during the team competition and the other in the playoff of the semi-final. In both instances Hiroshi lost a stroke ' lost tee shot in the mountain on one and a ball in the water on the other. Despite that, he still managed par in both situations. Very impressive.
Josh was an underdog from the beginning. His play in the King of the Hill was great, but the thing that stands out the most for me was his play in the second episode. The show began with him hitting a ball so far off course that it struck the roof of a house. Still, at the end of that episode, his entire future was on the line and he nailed an incredible shot that kept him alive and knocked Matt Every off of the show. I didnt see it coming, but Im glad I got to see it.
Brian played consistently, but still flirted with elimination a few times. No more was that the case than when he was playing against Kevin and Gerry in the elimination. Despite errant shots, the other guys were making saves and pushed it to a playoff. At one point, Brian turned to Hiroshi and asked something along the lines of, How many times am I going to have to hit it down the middle of the fairway and still keep getting tied by these guys. He was frustrated, but he didnt let it get to him and hes got a car and a tournament exemption to show for it.
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