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Story Behind the Story Week 1

Big Break: MesquiteHeres a little back story on the conflict that developed between Anthony and some of the players at the flop wall. Before each challenge, the producers explain the competition in great detail so the players can strategize properly. During this time they ask any pertinent questions and get a read on the situation.
For the flop wall, the players were also given a chance to look at the three hitting areas so that they could decide which one they wanted to use. All twelve players went to look at one time. But, since he was hitting first, Anthony wanted to protect what he thought was an ideal lie. This didnt go over too well with the other players who had no desire to give his lie special treatment. When he got into Josh about disturbing his, some of the others rushed to Joshs defense.
This is not an unusual occurrence for the first day of a Big Break series. The first day starts off fun. Its exciting for the competition to begin and the cameras to start rolling. But as that first elimination nears, the realization hits that one of the guys is going home. This realization ratchets up the tension. That fact that Anthony was safely above the cut line in first place while Josh was in serious jeopardy of going to elimination didnt help the situation.
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