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Story Behind the Story Week 2

Big Break: MesquiteYou never know when its going to happen. Everythings moving along at a nice, easy pace and suddenly conflict emerges. It happened this week during the very first challenge. Anthony hit a drive that veered off course. Because of the layout of the hole, he couldnt see that the ball was headed straight at the shows rules official. The rest of the group, however, could see it and a couple of them yelled out Fore. Because Anthony didnt see the official, he thought they were mocking his poor shot and that made him angry.
When he walked back to the group, he wanted to know who yelled. Even though he wasnt the only one who called out - Brian Kontak jumped right up and took credit. It quickly got heated between the two of them. (Its worth noting that Brians friends back in Phoenix call him Brian Conflict.) Anyway, there was some name calling and Brian unleashed the nickname that got directly under Anthonys skin ' A-God. Here it was, early in the morning, and all of a sudden, the complete mood of the day has changed.
If you visit the Web sites 3Play, you can get three different players takes on what happened.
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