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The Social: Cheers and jeers

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Flying golfers attack at the WGC-HSBC Champions, Tiger Woods gets teased by his peers, a Euro Tour player celebrates in the pool and a Bryan Bro is in the doghouse.

All that and more in this week's edition of The Social.

We've seen some weird pre-tournament photo-calls at events in the past. Wild costumes, awkward club twirling, adorable koala bear holding. We thought we'd seen it all. We were wrong.

Because the scene this week in China at the WGC-HSBC Champions is something else ... yeah, we'll go with that.

Last year's winner Hideki Matsuyama knew he'd be defending his trophy this week, but on Tuesday he was quite literally defending it from Henrik Stenson, Dustin Johnson and Haotong Li as they "flew" overhead while threatening him with golf clubs ... we think?

Don't even know what this means, but we love it.

Tiger Woods hitting golf balls is nothing new around these parts. He's been posting a video a week for about a month now, teasing his comeback as he continues to come back from multiple back surgeries.

This week he dropped his patented "stinger," and while the buzz continued to grow around how good his swing looked and when he may return to competition, a couple of commenters took a different approach.

Return of the Stinger. #starwars

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Those two commenters - Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler:

Sure these guys are South Florida neighbors and friends, but perhaps the young guns would benefit from a little chat with Stephen Ames about chirping the 14-time major champ.

It's getting harder and harder to tee it up with your favorite PGA Tour pros these days.

If you've got $250K, you can get a quick 18 holes in with Phil Mickelson (lunch included). But believe it or not, a round with Jordan Spieth is even more exclusive.

You just have to be the former leader of the free world or the two-time NBA MVP (or that MVP's little brother).

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Spieth took to Instagram on Monday to show off his sixsome, which included president Barack Obama, Stephen and Seth Curry, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank and Jonnie West, who caddied for Steph Curry this year at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship.

Consider yourself on notice, #SB2K bros. Spieth is moving on up.

When he says he's coming home at 7 and it's only 6:23 #icanteven

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"Wasn't me." - dog.

Jaime Donaldson isn't exactly shy about his "celebrating." A certain clip of a hooded, victorious Donaldson the day after the 2014 Ryder Cup comes to mind.

And he was at it again over the weekend after retaining his European Tour card for next season, and then proceeding to walk directly into the pool - clothes and all.

The 42-year-old also mentioned getting "hammered," and based on his tweet from the next day, we're going to go ahead and assume he kept his word on that one.

Braden Thornberry is the reigning NCAA individual men’s golf champion and part-time field goal ball-whacker guy, as evidenced by his halftime performance at the Ole Miss fort all game on Saturday.

But way more interesting than that is his obsession with folf, a football-golf hybrid that was documented in this incredibly real and not-in-any-way fake documentary about it about the sport.

Braden Thornberry, growing the game one tearful documentary watcher at a time.

Every relationship has their own set of rules, but you have to think written somewhere in every couple’s list in big bold letters is: DON’T POST EMBARRASSING VIDEOS OF YOUR WIFE ON SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE AMUSEMENT OF YOUR FOLLOWERS. Tour player George Bryan got married earlier this year, and he’s been busy ever since making a living playing golf, so perhaps he hasn’t gotten around to reading all the rules.

But perhaps he’ll carve out some extra reading time during his time in the doghouse when his wife comes out of her wisdom teeth surgery-induced stupor and realizes it was broadcast to the world via her husband’s Twitter feed.

Based on the possible fallout, this could be the Bryan Bros' craziest trick yet.

How much time you got, buddy?