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Golf Channel celebrates Bring Your Child to Work Day

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Thursday is Bring Your Child to Work Day at Golf Channel, which can also be described as Keep Your Child From Bouncing Off Walls Because They’re Hopped Up on Too Much Candy Day.

Anyway, I’ve had my fourth-grade daughter Gracie, 9, write a golf story each of the past three years and this is the second year I’ve had my second-grade son Brady, 8, pen an epic tome.

Neither child is particularly interested in pursuing a journalism career, but it’s nice to make them see what their Old Man does to be able to afford iPads (among other luxuries) for the family.

Here is their unedited work:


Golf Channel is so fun. Golf Channel is a good place for my daddy to work.

I like to play golf with my daddy. When I grow up and get bigger I am going to still play golf with my daddy.

My favorite club is the driver. I make good putts. I am a good golfer. I am going to play in the Masters some day.

My favorite golfer is Tiger Woods.


Everyone knows the Masters just ended. The Masters was in Augusta, Georgia.

Jordan Spieth was our winner of the 2015 Masters. I was sure excited that Jordan won. I like Jordan because he is an awesome golfer and he seems super nice.

I was thinking would Tiger beat Jack’s record of 18 majors? So, I thought and thought and thought. I said “no” because Tiger just hurt his wrist playing golf. But, I don’t know so much about golf so I asked my dad’s friend Bailey Mosier, who is on some golf shows. 

She said, “Five more majors is what Tiger needs to beat Jack and with his health and the state of his game I just don’t see it happening.”

I think Bailey is right, especially about his health. I just don’t think Tiger will catch Jack.