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Surprise Twist in Latest Episode

Fore Inventors OnlyDuring the first five weeks of Fore Inventors Only, the field has been trimmed from 103 to 10 semifinalists. On the Tuesdays episode, however, none of the 10 semifinalists were eliminated from the competition. In a surprise twist, Gary Sherrells Club Glider invention received immunity from Jim Thompson, chief executive officer for Golfsmith, after overseeing consumer product pitches at a local Golfsmith store. As a result of the immunity, Club Glider will be one of the five finalists, while the remaining nine inventions wait their fate.
On Tuesday, Aug. 28, the five finalists will be revealed at the beginning of the episode. Immediately following the show voting will begin via text messaging and online voting through the Fore Inventors Only Web site,, at 11:01 p.m. ET. Voting will continue for one week, leading up to the live season finale from the GOLF CHANNEL studios in Orlando on Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. ET. Voting will close after the third segment of the finale, with the winner announced at the end of the show. The winner will receive shelf space at golf retailer, Golfsmith, for one year; a fully-developed infomercial and $50,000 worth of commercial and promotional air time on the GOLF CHANNEL.
Thompsons decision for immunity did not come quickly or easily. He and the shows expert panel of judges ' PGA TOUR Professional Fulton Allem, renowned golf instructor Bill Harmon and Golf for Women Senior Editor Stina Sternberg ' oversaw consumer pitches at a Golfsmith store in Orlando, Fla., where the inventors presented their products to Golfsmith customers.
Prior to the consumer pitches, the 10 inventors received expert sales and pitch advice from two of the best in the industry: Bob Circosta, original television host for the Home Shopping Network, and celebrity sales trainer Chelsea Scott.
Great products really dont mean anything unless the individuals are able to communicate the message, said Circosta before meeting with the inventors.
Circosta and Scott met each of the inventors and listened to their presentations, providing instant feedback to make their pitches to the public stronger and more concise.
At the Golfsmith store, the inventors did not know immunity was at stake. They did know that the pressure to deliver effective pitches to the customers was high, with Thompson on-hand. During the pitches, Sherrells presentation impressed not only the judges and the audience, but also Circosta and Scott as well, which convinced Thompson to grant Sherrell immunity to the finale.
Look at him, he wants to buy this right now and wheel it out of the store, commented Scott while a customer was trying out Sherrells Club Glider.
Fore Inventors Only scoured the country interviewing and auditioning more than 1,000 inventors to find the cast who will compete in the series. The judges are tasked with critiquing and paring down the 103 inventors to five finalists during the series, while uncovering inventions from brilliant to ludicrous along the way. Ultimately, viewers will cast their votes to determine the winner on the series live season finale on Sept. 4.
The 10 semifinalists still alive in the series are:
Shaft Skinz: A form of shrink wrap that fits around the shaft of a golf club to add color and graphics. Inventor: Martin Greeves, Dromore, Northern Ireland.
Gyro Swing: A swing training aid that utilizes a gyroscope motor attached to the end of a club shaft that automatically places the club on plane. Inventor: Larry Kelly, Brighton, Mich.
Hill Shot Golf Trainer: A sloped hitting tee used for practicing uphill, downhill and side hill lies. Inventor: Brandi and Larry Koch, Prospect, Ky.
Club Glider: A golf travel bag that integrates extendable legs with caster wheels, making the bag easy to push or pull. The wheels fold back into a locked position for easy travel. Inventor: Gary Sherrell, Maple Valley, Wash. (Received immunity to finals)
Z-Factor Perfect Putting Machine: A portable putter training aid that guides the user through proper path, face, angle and pendulum swing of the putter. Inventor: Dean Thompson, Boise, Idaho.
Pro Play Golf Performance System: A small digital recording device that can be used on the golf course to record golf swings for instant feedback. Inventors: Marcus Bohn, Chandler, Ariz., and Tim Kipley, McKinney, Texas
Clean and Drop Club Cleaning Towel: A three-in-one golf towel that cleans and dries golf balls and clubs. Inventors: David Cotton and Vincent Brookins, Cleveland, Ohio.
Strike N Swipe: Reusable impact tape for golf clubs. The impact tape resets when golfers run their fingers over it after hitting a golf shot. Inventor: Victor Camaj, Highland, Mich.
Club Caddy: A clip that that resembles a clothes pin that attaches to a golf club around the green allowing it to become free-standing in an upright position. Inventor: David Jones, Martinez, Ga.
Power Stance: A multi-faceted golf training aid consisting of a foot-retaining head and platform, formed from high density plastic into one unit. Inventor: Joe Pagano, Rochester, N.Y.
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