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Big Break: MesquiteIs this for real? Am I really flying out to Mesquite to be on the Big Break? These were the thoughts of disbelief that went through my head while boarding my flight. Having the opportunity to compete in this unique competition is priceless.
Before anything else I realize how fortunate I am to be a part of this show. Out of about 5,000 applicants to be one of the twelve competitors chosen is a complete honor.
Going into the first day of competition I am feeling very excited, anxious, and most of all straight pumped! After a day of practice it is evident that each and every one of these guys on the show can play. Any mistake could have me packing my bags quick.
The first challenge of the Big Break Mesquite was a doozy. Something like 265 yards, a little up hill through a canyon. In a regular tournament scenario I would be expecting to make a three. In this situation, however, Im walking about 75 yards in complete silence with cameras staring at me from every angle before I have one shot to hit it as close as I can to the pin.
Wow! I feel like puking.
At the same time, I feel like I am going to show everyone what J-Dubb is all about. Not! I hit a low screaming cut that went about 200 yards straight right up onto the side of the canyon. What a way to start. However, for some strange reason Im not too bummed about it.
So, Im in the bottom four going into the second challenge of the day. The second challenge was pretty cool. Pick your yardage and hit it into the circle. I pick a yardage around 165. Im feeling like I need to do something quick to get some points up on the board and possibly avoid elimination. I make a solid swing with a 9 iron and actually its flying a bit higher than I want and it needs to sit. Sure enough, it lands inside the circle and bounces barely out. Zero points. Im not felling bad because I made a good swing and Id normally be putting from inside 20 feet.
The third competition of the day is the classic flop over the wall. While Im not the best at flops, Im not bad. I hit it up and over but way too far. At least I got a couple points on the board I guess. My grip was too tight and I didnt have nearly enough touch. Oh well, headed to elimination.
Im facing Roger in the first part of the up and down Elimination Challenge. My short game is what wins me tournaments so I am feeling confident that I can survive. I hit one really good chip, tapped in and survived. I didnt feel like I would be the first one eliminated but I didnt think I would come that close either. At this point I am feeling very fortunate to still be in the game and I am now more prepared for the next episode. See you there.
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