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Missed the Car - But Alive for the Grand Prize

Big Break: MesquiteSon of a .... I was that close to rollin' in a crispy Chrysler Seabring, down Pomeroy, laughing with the roof missin'. But I didn't do it. Damn that woulda been nice. You saw that ride and how the hard top just disappears - that's pretty clean.
Even though I didn't win the Chrysler Challenge points race I've got to give myself some credit for even havin' a chance. I have hit some bad shots on the show so far but I have also hit some clutch ones. All in all, I am very happy that I am one of the final three competitors.
Hiroshi got off to such a big lead on me early in the show that it was gonna be extremely tough to catch him. Fortunately, I was able to relax a bit after the first couple of episodes and begin to work my way up the leaderboard. Hiroshi is one of the most solid golfers I have seen, so I knew it would take something special to surpass him. I was close, but not quite good enough.
I gotta give Gerry a shout out and say well done. This guy doesn't play as many tournaments as most of us on the show and he hung in there. He hit some clutch shots and made it through some tough eliminations.
It's gonna be nothin' but golf from here so whoever plays the best over the next two episodes is going to win. No points subtracted, no flop walls, just golf.
I am honored to be in the final three with Hiroshi Matsuo and Brian Kontak. These are two world class players and to have the opportunity to compete with them is priceless.
No matter how things end up, I am learning and becoming a better player.
Enjoy the show! All my best,
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