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Junior Golfers from Nashville dont let a Rainy Day Drown out their FunFirst Time Success in Macon

On a cloudy August day that was threatened by thunderstorms all day The Golf Channel hosted one of its most exciting Junior Golf Skills Competitions of the year in Nashville. The thunderstorms finally made their way over Hermitage Golf Course and delayed the event for 45 minutes. Despite the storms, and the delay, the junior golfers from the Nashville area went back out to the competition and displayed even more enthusiasm. It was great to see the level of dedication these kids showed by waiting out the storms. Not only did most everyone stay, but also there were nothing but smiling faces and great attitudes despite the unfavorable conditions. This was the second year in a row The Golf Channel has hosted a Junior Golf Skills Competition in Nashville, and we cant wait to go back next year.
On the following Saturday, The Golf Channel hosted its first Junior Golf Skills event ever in the Macon, GA area. This first time event proved to be a tremendous success. We saw may great shots, but more importantly we saw a great group of kids having lots of fun. We could not have picked a more beautiful day or better venue in which to host the event. However, all of the excitement, enthusiasm and great golf provided by the kids from the Macon area were what made this day special. We will look forward to this event in the future.