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The Big Dilemma How do you get more shoulder turn

The Big Dilemma ' How do you get more shoulder turn?
This week I played in a three day golf tournament with eighty-five golf writers. The weather was beautiful, seventy degrees and the course, Troon North in Scottsdale was in perfect condition. These esteemed writers have devoted their lives to covering the game of golf. As usual many golfers had questions on how they can play better. A common question was regarding gaining more distance. They asked me, What can I do to increase my shoulder turn?
Yoga for golfers provides our students with over one thousand golf-specific yoga postures, including modification of each pose. The following two poses are my personal favorites for increasing shoulder turn. Practice each posture daily and I guarantee you will see more power and distance from an increased range of motion in your turn!
Seated Spinal Rotation: Par Level:
Seated on a balance ball or on the edge of a chair, stabilize your lower body by engaging the abdominal muscles. Inhale deeply and you rotate to the left, exhale to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat ten times.

Revolving side angle pose: Par level:
Bring your left foot forward, slide your right leg back, placing the top of your right foot on the floor. Your left knee is placed directly over your left ankle. Pull your navel towards your spine and place the outside of the right elbow on the left knee. Bring the hands together and press your right elbow into your left knee.
Fitness tip: Move your right shoulder away from your right ear.
Hold for ten breaths.

Birdie / Eagle levels:
Lift your right knee off the floor. Switch sides.

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