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Building a Better Game From Head to Toe Week Seven

Rest for More Endurance!
In our fast paced world we become driven to do more, have more and be more. Run, run, go, go and grab some food along the way. Somehow in our society multi-tasking to the point of exhaustion seems to be a badge of honor. I disagree! Proper rest is equally if not more important than staying in a constant state of action.
I have a saying, Get your body down on the floor at least once a day. For those of you who have struggled with back pain you know the relief you feel from resting on the floor.
Research proves the body rebuilds torn down muscle faster with proper rest. Building strength is a process of breaking down muscles and allowing it to repair enabling you to gain more strength.
A style of yoga called Restorative yoga, is designed to bring your body into balance. Restorative yoga uses props such as yoga blocks, yoga straps, blankets and the wall to support the body. In the more physically active yoga practice we use the muscles to hold the body in various poses while restorative yoga uses gravity and your breath to deepen the posture. Take long, slow deep breaths in and out of the nose. Inhale for a count of four, exhale for a count of six.
Before we launch our new 8 week summer fitness shape up program I ask you to take sometime to rejuvenate through restorative yoga. Note: When I do this type of static conditioning with my pros as well as baseball players they LOVE it!
For this weeks series you need a yoga mat, yoga blocks, towels and a wall.
Here we go!
Chest Opening Pose:

Katherine Roberts

This is a great pose for posture and opening the hips! Place a rolled up towel under the full length of the spine supporting your lumbar spine and neck with a second towel. Place the arms next to the body with your palms facing the ceiling.
For a deeper stretch in the hips and groin bring the soles of the feet together and support the knees with yoga blocks. Hold for three to five minutes.
Restorative Spinal Rotation:

Katherine Roberts

Cross the right leg over the left and allow the lower body to twist to the right. Place yoga blocks or towels under the legs and rest for three to five minutes. Switch sides.
Supported Inversion:

Katherine Roberts

My belief is that you should be in an inverted position for a minimum of three minutes a day. This pose releases the lumbar spine and is a passive stretch for the hamstrings. Place the legs up the wall and the body on the floor. Close your eyes and rest for three to five minutes.
Katherine Roberts

Note: Here is a picture of me with my dogs in the inversion pose.a common scene in my home.
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