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Coming over the top Target your lower body

Many golfers struggle with tension in the hips. Having mobility in the hips, specifically the internal and external rotators as well as the inner thigh muscles is essential for a more fluid golf swing.

In my new book Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes I teach you the correlation between common swing flaws and the physical restrictions in the body. Many of the upper body swing flaws such as coming over the top or chicken wing are a result of the lower body’s inability to initiate the downswing. This inability is often due to a lack of flexibility, strength and an inefficient sequence.

Before we can build strength in the lower body we need to address mobility. This next series of “leg swings” helps you develop more movement in the lower body, thus giving you the opportunity to build more strength and power generation from the lower body.

Katherine Roberts: Leg Swings

Editor's Note: Katherine Roberts, founder of and has over 20 years of experience in golf specific fitness training, yoga studies, professional coaching and motivation. Katherine welcomes your email questions and comments, contact her at