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Create a smoother putting stroke

Create a smoother putting stroke: 

In one of my DVDs entitled, 'Lower Your Score,' the bonus section is an interview I did with PGA Tour putting coach Stan Utley. We discuss the concepts of how to create a smooth , consistent putting stroke. Stan continues to describe that the shoulder movement in putting begins from the thoracic spine, the mid area of the back. If a golfer struggles with a lack of thoracic mobility, the putting stroke may be compromised.

How do you know if you have restricted thoracic mobility?

Turn your body perpendicular to a mirror. Look in the mirror. Are your shoulders rolling forward? Do you have a “C” curve in your upper back? Once you become aware of your limitations you can take control and make the necessary changes!

Let’s get started ... 

Begin with your legs on the seat of a chair. Clasp your hands together above your chest. Inhale as you take your arms over your head as far as possible. Exhale as you return to the starting position. 

Katherine Roberts




Note: A small amount of tension in the shoulders is acceptable, but if you are feeling your shoulders stretch more than your mid back, separate your hands. 

Repeat 20 times.




Katherine Roberts










 Katherine Roberts










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