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Creating the pendulum putting stroke

In this weeks tip Brad Brewer teaches the proper way to putt utilizing the pendulum action of the putter. He also refers to the freedom necessary in the shoulders to properly execute this type of putting stroke. A golfer cannot have a smooth, consistent putting stroke with tension and a lack of mobility in the shoulders. The putting stroke is initiated first from the oblique abdominals or core and is immediately followed by the shoulders, specifically the thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is the area in the upper back, where many golfers experience a rounding in their back or slumped shoulders.
My fitness tip will help you increase the flexibility as well as strength in your thoracic spine, enabling you to create that consistent swing place utilizing the pendulum styled stroke.
Check out Brads putting tip:
Fitness tip:
Twisting table rotation:
Twisting table
Begin on all fours, elbow place behind your head. Inhale twisting from the thoracic spine towards the ceiling. Exhale and tuck your right shoulder under your left shoulder. Repeat five times and hold for five more breaths.

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