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Deep abdominal progression

Katherine Roberts
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DANVILLE, CA - OCTOBER 12: In-Kyung Kim of South Korea makes a tee shot on the 8th hole during the final round of the LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge at the Blackhawk Country Club October 12, 2008 in Danville, California. (Photo by Max Morse/Getty Images)  - 

In the Yoga for Golfers program our abdominal core work is designed to build strength in the front and back bodies.

I use this deep abdominal progression with all my golfers.

Remember to breathe deeply, push the muscles but NOT past the point of pain.

Take breaks when you feel fatigued and come back to the poses after a 60 second rest. Let’s roll!


Par level:

Use a towel between your legs to activate the adductor muscles. Tuck your chin into your chest, focus your eyes towards your navel and roll down on your inhalation for a count of two. On your exhalation, roll back up.

Repeat 25 times. Once you feel you have mastered this pose, release your hands from your knees. 


Boat pose preparation:

Continue to use the towel and sit up as tall as possible. Pull in all your abdominal muscles and hold for five deep breaths.


Par level II:

Extend your arms, keep the chest lifted and hold for five more breaths.


Birdie level:

Lift the legs to a 90 degree angle and flex your feet. Focus on keeping the chest lifted. Note: if you feel any discomfort in your low back return to the Par level.  Hold for five more breaths.

Eagle level:

Extend your legs, flex your feet and squeeze the towel. Focus the eyes over the feet without straining your neck. Hold for five more breaths. Relax and begin the progression again.

E-mail me at and let me know how you are progressing!