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Eight Week Challenge Week 1 Core Stability

Core stability
Define your idea of a good yogi ( a male who practices yoga)? Flexible hamstrings or the ability to sit in the lotus position is not an indication of a yogi. When the body is balanced, flexible and strong, the breath is smooth and the eyes are quite, calm and focused you are half way there. When you treat yourself and the world with compassion you are getting closer.
This eight week challenge is more than just a series of exercises ' it is a eight week series designed to shift your energy so you approach your fitness program, golf game and life with more intention and focus.
Watching Tiger during the PGA Championship was an excellent example if a yogi in balance. Physically, his strength and stamina are unparallel, mentally he has the capacity to focused, stay inline with his intention, experience acceptance. The balance of his physical strength and ability to stay in the moment mentally is a yoga on the course
Set an intention for your yoga practice and for your day. Your intention should represent something you want to draw into your life. It may be the intention of having more fluidity to your movement, a quiet mind, more peace, less struggle, more acceptance, etc As you practice the concept of setting your intention during yoga, visualizing your desired outcome, the process becomes second nature in your game and in your life.
I. What you can expect from your eight week challenge:
Core conditioning: More stability in your abdominals
More strength and power from your lumbar spine
Lower Body: More flexibility in the hips and hamstrings for more hip turn More strength in the quads and gluts for more power
Upper body: More flexibility in the shoulders and upper back for more rotation
More strength in the shoulders and triceps for more control
Balance: Get more grounded, centered, balance helps with weight transference
Progressive balance teaches proprioception
The Mind: Learn to quiet your mind and visualize your desired outcome.
Restorative / re-energizing poses reduces fatigue
II. What you need:
An eight week commitment and open mind.
Twenty minutes a day, four days a week.
A yoga mat
A yoga block
A Golf Gym stability ball
Lets get started with week one!
Core stabilizing series:
Begin on your yoga mat, yoga block placed between your hands. Lower your arms to a 45 degree angle to the floor. Drop your shoulders down and press your navel to your spine, removing the arch out of your back. Press your ribcage to the floor, engaging your entire core. Do not allow your back or ribcage to disengage or lift off the floor.
Note: to increase the intensity of the pose replace the yoga block with a five pound weight or weighted ball over your head.
PAR Level:
Inhale as you squeeze the yoga block and SLIGHTLY lift your right leg off the floor.
Exhale and slowly, with control, lower the right leg. Switch sides and repeat ten times.

Lift your left leg to a ninety degree angle, extending your right leg straight and off the floor. On your exhalation switch sides. Repeat ten times, rest and repeat for three more sets.

Next week we tackle core strength!
Please e-mail me and let me know how you are progressing. I am here to support you in your new eight week commitment to excellence.
See you on The Turn!
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