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Eight Week Challenge Week 2 Core Strength

Core Strength
I figure practice puts brains in your muscles.
- Sam Snead
When I was a child my best friends father had his two best friends, Sam Snead and Bobby Riggs. I vividly remember barbequing at my friends house and Mr. Snead and Mr. Riggs enjoying a few glasses of something with their steaks, telling stories of great golf, tennis and camaraderie. I love this quote from Mr. Snead (it is one of many quotes from great golfers and coaches from my book) because it touches on the importance of the mind / body connection.
Remember this yoga series is as much about being present, setting intention and sticking to your commitments as it is about the physical exercises.
Week two of the Eight week challenge continues the focus on the core ' specifically the yoga postures designed to build strength in the core.
To recap:
I. What you can expect from your eight week challenge:
Core conditioning: More stability in your abdominals- Week One
More strength and power from your lower and upper abdominals ' Week Two
Lower Body: More flexibility in the hips and hamstrings for more hip turn
More strength in the quads and gluts for more power
Upper body: More flexibility in the shoulders and upper back for more rotation
More strength in the shoulders and triceps for more control
Balance: Get more grounded, centered, balance helps with weight transference
Progressive balance teaches proprioception
The Mind: Learn to quiet your mind and visualize your desired outcome.
Restorative / re-energizing poses reduces fatigue
II. What you need:
An eight week commitment and an open mind.
Twenty minutes a day, four days a week.
A yoga mat
A yoga block
A Golf Gym stability ball
Lets get started:
Roll downs with weighted ball, yoga block or Golf Gym stability ball:
On your yoga mat sit with the legs together, knees bent and ball in hands. Inhale deeply as you roll your torso down towards the floor. When your bottom rib touches the mat, exhale and return to your starting position. Repeat ten to twenty-five times.

Explosive abdominal lifts:
You need explosive power in your abdominals for more consistency and club head speed. This is a great exercise to build strength in the abdominals. Begin on your yoga mat, arms perpendicular to your body. Inhale deeply and on the exhalation bring your upper body to the right leg, meeting at the center of your body. Repeat and switch legs ten times.

Crunches on the ball:
Roll down onto the ball until the lowest part of your ribcage is in contact with the ball. Tip: Your spine should resemble the letter C and not a straight line. Bring your hands behind your neck, supporting your head. On your exhalation crunch the upper body towards the knees. Inhale back SLIGHTLY and repeat twenty five time, rest and repeat three times.

Next week we tackle flexibility in the hips and hamstrings!
Please e-mail me and let me know how you are progressing. I am here to support you in your new eight week commitment to excellence.
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