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Eight Week Challenge Week 4 - Power from the gluts and legs

Power from the gluts and legs!
Confidence is everything in golfIts confidence that makes a good player into a great player and eventually a champion.
- Fred Couples
This weeks sequence is designed to increase strength in the legs, gluts and feet. In the golf swing as much as 75% of the body weight is distributed to the right side (for right handed golfers). To prevent the body from sliding, strong legs and hips support the bodys ability to properly load and generate power.
Some specific golf benefits of a strong lower body:
Increases push off power
Improves power and distance
Supports a sense of foundation
Keeps the right side of the body from sliding.
Assists with better balance
Strengthens ankles, quads and gluts
Tones the abdominals

To recap:
I. What you can expect from your eight week challenge:
Core conditioning: More stability in your abdominals- Week One
More strength and power from your lower and upper abdominals ' Week Two
Lower Body: More flexibility in the hips and hamstrings for more hip turn
More strength in the quads and gluts for more power
Upper body: More flexibility in the shoulders and upper back for more rotation
More strength in the shoulders and triceps for more control
Balance: Get more grounded, centered, balance helps with weight transference
Progressive balance teaches proprioception
The Mind: Learn to quiet your mind and visualize your desired outcome.
Restorative / re-energizing poses reduces fatigue
II. What you need:
An eight week commitment and an open mind.
Twenty minutes a day, four days a week.
A yoga mat
A yoga block
A Golf Gym stability ball
Here we go!
Crescent Warrior lunge:
Place your left foot forward, knee at a ninety degree angle. Step your right leg back and lift your heel as high as possible, stretching out the toes and arches. Inhale as you drop your left quad parallel to the floor, exhale and return to the starting position. Repeat ten times and switch sides. Tip: Maintain an upright posture in the upper body with your hands on your waist.

Warrior II pose:
Keep your left foot forward as in the crescent lunge pose and rotate your right leg and foot inward. Maintain a straight line of your left knee directly over your left ankle. Tuck your hips under and feel a sense of external rotation in the legs.
Extend your arms at shoulder height, eyes focus over your left fingers.
Hold for ten breaths and switch sides.

Warrior III / Balancing T pose:
Begin this pose by focusing your eyes four feet in front of your yoga mat. Step your right foot forward as you draw your navel towards your spine, stabilizing your trunk. Place the hands on your waist or extend your arms. Bring the left leg parallel to the floor.
Tip: Your hips should be perfectly level to the floor with a slight bend in the right knee.
Hold for five to ten breaths and switch sides.

Next week we start working on the upper body!
See you on The Turn, Monday nights on The Golf Channel!
Please e-mail me and let me know how you are progressing. I am here to support you in your new eight week commitment to excellence.
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