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Flexibility in Five Hips Shoulders and Spine

Flexibility in Five ' Hips, Shoulders and Spine
This week I had the privilege of presenting my golf fitness program at Golf Galaxy in Plano, Texas. I began my presentation by asking the students for their questions. Many inquired, If I have five minutes to warm up before I get in my car and go to the course what do you suggest I do?
If you have five minutes my suggestion is to warm up the hips, shoulders and back muscles. Once you get to the course use your weighted club to warm up your swing.
This week you will need a golf club and your Golf Gym Balance ball (go to and click onto the Product section to purchase your ball).
My program is a mind/body approach to performance. Begin with deep breathing, warming up the core of the body and preparing the mind. If you are not sure how to incorporate breathing check out last weeks article. When you are preparing for golf, warm-up dynamically. Move in and out of the pose ten to twenty times on each side (depending on time), inhaling and exhaling with your movement. Move slowly, paying attention to your alignment.
Lets get started!
Dynamic lunge pose with the ball:
Place your hands on the ball and step the right foot forward. The right knee needs to be directly over the right ankle, not beyond the foot. Slide the left leg back. Note: If this causes discomfort under the left knee place a towel under the knee. Draw your navel toward your spine, slightly tuck the tailbone, lift the ribcage off the waist and roll your shoulders blades together and down your back. This action should increase the stretch in the right hip. Inhale deeply as you roll the ball away from you and as you press your left hip forward. Exhale and return to the starting position. Switch sides.

Downward facing dog pose on the ball (prayer pose):
Begin on all fours and place your hands on the outside of the ball. In this photo I adjust my student by coaching him to squeeze his shoulder blades together, thus removing the curve in his upper back. Inhale as you focus on the stretch, exhale and apply pressure to the ball, focusing on the deeper stretch in your shoulders.

Spinal rotation on the ball:
Seated on the ball, place your club across your chest. Pull the navel towards the spine and sit up as tall as possible. Inhale and turn the upper body ONLY to the right, stabilizing your lower body. Exhale and return to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat ten times.

Full rotation drill:
Standing in your address position, place the ball in your hands. Inhale to the top of your backswing, exhale to your finish position. Repeat ten times.

See you on the first tee!
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