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A Healthy Back - Week 4

Build Your Back Strength
In week one of the healthy back series I explained the importance of working many areas of the body that effect the back. In this series we have successfully targeted the following areas:
  • Core strength

  • Hip flexibility

  • Hamstring flexibility

  • Lumbar spine strength and flexibility
Combine week four with weeks one, two and three and you now have a dynamic, fluid yoga based program to help you build back strength and flexibility. Yoga is about balance so always end your yoga for healthy back series with the counter balance pose ' the childs pose. Practice your yoga for healthy back series everyday this winter and make the commitment to work on your game regardless of weather!
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Lets get started!
Dynamic Abdominal Tuck with extended Table pose:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Begin on all fours, hands placed directly under the shoulders. Inhale as you lift the left arm and right leg off the floor. Exhale deeply as you tuck your elbow towards your knee. Repeat ten times.
Katherine Roberts

Now extend the left arm and right leg, keeping the hips parallel to the floor. Hold for ten deep breaths and switch sides.
Dynamic Locust pose:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Par Level: Begin on your belly with the chin tucked in (this protects your cervical spine) and palms face the floor. Pull the navel towards the spine, squeeze the legs together and engage the gluts. Inhale deeply and on the exhalation lift the chest off the floor. Repeat dynamically (moving on each breath) five times.
Eagle level: Hold for five breaths and lift the legs off the floor.
Progressive Upward Facing Dog pose on the ball:

Katherine Roberts

Preparation: Place the balance ball directly under the low belly and hips. If you are more flexible place the feet together, less flexible and balanced, place the feet wider than hip width apart. Tuck the navel in and engage the gluts.
Katherine Roberts

Par Level: Lift the chest off the ball with the support of your hands. Once you are fully extended focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together. Hold for five breaths, relax and repeat three times.
Katherine Roberts

Birdie Level: Place hands on the waist and hold for five breaths.
Katherine Roberts

Eagle Level: Clasp the hands behind the back and hold for five breaths.
Childs pose:

Katherine Roberts

If you struggle with knee flexion, place a rolled up towel behind the knees. Relax the entire body and hold for en deep breaths. Focus on the rise and fall of the ribcage in this pose. Allow your body to sink deeper in the pose with every exhalation.
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