Hit it Hard and Stay Balanced

By Katherine RobertsDecember 17, 2004, 5:00 pm
As we age the nervous system becomes compromised and often one of the first physical changes we experience is a loss of good balance. In the golf swing we need balance from address through the finish position. If you are not balanced you will experience a loss of maximum power and consistency will be fleeting at best!
In yoga virtually every standing pose require balance and mental focus. When practicing these balancing poses take the time to become centered, get grounded and focused. Begin by selecting a spot in the floor approximately four feet in front of your yoga mat. Begin to breathe deeply in and out of the nose.
In golf we often lose our focus between shots or when we have a double bogey. Maintaining your concentration in these yoga poses will facilitate better concentration on the golf course. Here are some general guidelines to follow:
Step One: Get focused
Step Two: Breathe deeply
Step Three: Acknowledge your inner dialogue (telling yourself you are not good at balance). Reshape your inner dialogue and tell yourself you can do these poses.
Step Four: Hold each pose for five to ten breaths. Increase the duration by two breaths everyday.
Step Five: Dont take it too seriously if you fall. Get right back up and start over. (Sounds like golf, doesnt it?)
Note: The following poses have been selected because in addition to working balance they increase flexibility in the hips.
Tree pose:

Yoga for Golfers

Bring the right foot to the left knee. Place the hands on the waist for five breaths, arms lift towards the ceiling for five breaths and bring the hands back to the waist for five breaths. Switch sides.
Balanced Hip Opening pose:

Yoga for Golfers

Place the left foot on the OUTSIDE of the right knee. Move the left knee towards the floor as you feel the stretch in the left hip. Bend your right knee, hinge at your hips and move your chest towards your left shin. Hold for five breaths. Extend the arms to the side and hold for another five breaths. Switch sides.
Half Moon pose:

Yoga for Golfers

Place your left foot three inches off the wall and allow your left hip to rest against the wall. Place your left hand on the Thera-Ball. Shift your weight into the left leg. Lift the right leg off the floor. As you move into the pose begin to straighten the left leg and roll the right hip open. Eventually your right glute and both shoulders will rest against the wall. Lift your hand off the ball. Try this pose off the wall for the maximum challenge!
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Happy Holidays! Katherine
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    Editor's Note: Katherine Roberts, founder of Yoga for Golfers, has 20 years of experience in fitness training, yoga studies, professional coaching and motivation. Katherine welcomes your email questions and comments, contact her at Katherine@KRTotalFitness.com.
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