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Injury Prevention Week 1 Building Core Stability

Building Core Stability
The next four weeks will target four areas of the body most prone to golf injuries. This series is not intended to be the only exercises you practice for injury prevention but these exercises will help you build the strength and flexibility.
From the Science and Golf VI edition, Proceedings of the World Science Congress of Golf: According to J.H. Hellstrom,
It is possible to raise the pressure in the abdominal cavity by holding ones breath and contracting the trunk muscles. This then acts like an inflated support to transmit force directly from the upper body to the pelvis, bypassing the spine. It appears that the transverse abdominus is the muscle whose activity is most consistently related to changes in the abdominal pressure. It is therefore likely that that a stronger transverse abdominus could decrease the risk of lower back problems for golfers.

The lumbar spine is the number one injury in golf. This week we will target the core abdominals, specifically the transverse abdominus and pelvic floor, the stabilizing force of the lumbar spine.
Note: this series is a compliment to any of the back strengthening poses offered in my archived articles.
Lets get started!
Warm-up Knee to Chest Pose:
Begin on your back bringing the arms above the head and extend the legs long. Inhale deeply as your extend the body, exhale relax and repeat five times. Bend your knees and on your exhale pull your right knee to your forehead. Switch sides and repeat dynamically five times on each side.

Core Stabilization Poses:
Par Level:

Begin on your back with the knees bent. Place a yoga block between your hands and bring the arms to a forty-five degree angle above your head. Inhale deeply as you press your navel towards the floor. Hold for three breaths, relax and repeat ten times.

Birdie Level:
Continue to press your lower abdominals towards the floor as you press your ribcage down. Maintain the activation of the entire trunk, from the transverse abdominus to the upper rectus and oblique abdominals. On your inhalation bring your left leg off the floor. Slowly place the foot back on the floor and switch sides.

Deep Transverse Crunch:
Begin with your knees bent, arms crossed over your chest. Tuck your chin into your chest. Note: to increase the intensity of the exercise, place a weighted ball in your hands.

Inhale as you tuck your tailbone and slowly roll the trunk down towards the floor, one vertebrae at a time, until your lowest rib touches the floor. Exhale and return to the starting position. Note: Maintain a C like curve in your back.

Repeat ten times.
Next week we address the second most common injuries for golfers ' the shoulders.
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