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The Plane Workout - Week 1

By now you have read and seen on The Golf Channel Jim Hardy discussing the one-plane and two-plane swing theories. I can speak to this topic personally as I am working on moving from a two plane golfer to a one plane golfer. One of the most profound changes in my game is the increased power and distance.
In the one plane address position the body is more athletic who means you are not as upright. This requires strength in your core ' abdominals as well as the muscles of the back.
Regardless of your swing plane, developing a strong lumbar spine will increase your power, consistency, endurance and reduce your risk of injury!
This week we will tackle the lumbar spine with three yoga poses in conjunction with the Thera-Ball.
Lets get started!
Cobra pose:
Dynamic Par level pose

Katherine Roberts

On your belly, bring the legs together, palms flat on the floor placed next to your chest and the elbows are snug against the body.
Katherine Roberts

Inhale deeply, squeeze the gluts, and pull the navel towards the spine. On the exhale, roll the shoulders back and shoulder places move down the back as you lift your chest off the floor. Repeat five times.
Upward Facing Dog pose:
Static Eagle level pose

Katherine Roberts

Maintain the same intensity in the lower body as in the cobra pose and straighten the arms. Activate the legs so only the tops of the feet and hands are touching the floor. Pull the navel inward, tailbone moves down and the ribcage extends upward. Hold for three to five breaths.
Extended Table pose on the ball:
All levels

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Place the ball under the belly. Inhale as you draw the navel inward and on the exhale extend the right leg and left arm. Repeat five times and switch sides.
Locust pose on the ball:
Par / Birdie / Eagle levels

Katherine Roberts

Place the ball under your lower abdominals and hip area. Engage the gluts, squeeze the legs together and pull the navel towards the spine. Lift up onto the fingertips and roll the shoulders back. Do not hyper-extend the neck.
Katherine Roberts

If you wish to increase the intensity, bring the hands to the waist.
Katherine Roberts

For the Eagle level, bring the hands clasped behind the back as you roll the shoulders back and move your hands down towards the gluts.
Hold each section of this Locust pose for five breaths and repeat three times.
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