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The Plane Workout - Week 2

As a golf fitness expert I have the pleasure of working with many of the countrys top PGA teaching professionals. Last week I conducted a golf fitness seminar at a corporate event in Aspen, CO with Mike and Sandy LeBauve, Golf Digest Top 50 instructors. Mike and Sandy have worked with Jim Hardy for over twenty years and are experts at teaching a one plane philosophy.
During Mikes presentation he used the visual analogy of the one plane swing as a tilted, solidly supported Ferris wheel. During week one of our program the exercises will help you build the lumbar support to keep the Ferris wheel angle strong. This week our focus is the core abdominals ' TVA (transverse abdominals), upper abdominals and obliques. These muscles support an athletic movement associated with a one plane swing.
Here we go!
Childs pose on the ball:

Katherine Roberts

This pose is great to relieve the physical effects of the first week lumbar spine exercises and a relief of stress on the back after a round of golf. Place the ball under the body and simply allow the body to hang down, fully relaxed and breathing deeply. Hold for ten deep breaths.
The TVA crunch:

Katherine Roberts

Place the legs over the ball. Inhale deeply and on the exhale press your navel towards your spine, lift the upper body towards the knees while you maintain the action in the lower abdominals. Practice this pose for one to three minutes.
The TVA crunch with the legs lifted:
Birdie level

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Lift the legs off the floor while you continue to press the navel towards the floor. Continue the crunches for an additional two minutes.
Note: if you feel ANY discomfort in the low back immediately return the legs back to the floor.
Oblique rolls with the ball:

Katherine Roberts

This exercise is highly effective in training the oblique abdominals ' an essential element in maintaining strength and power from the core. Place the legs on the ball and draw the navel towards the spine. Inhale as you roll the legs to the left and on the exhale focus the mind, body and breath on the right oblique. Bring the legs back to the starting position by using the obliques, not momentum.
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