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Simple Solutions Stay Fit with Quick Tips

Simple solutions ' Stay Fit with Quick Tips
Sending you warm wishes and many blessings this holiday season!
As we continue our series on simple solutions for golf and health related questions, this week we tackle the issue of fatigue in the lower body. If you experience aches and pains in the lower extremities after your round, find it difficult to play more than one day a week because of pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles the following three, simple exercises are for you.
These exercises are not intended for pre-round warm 'up, post-round only. Research tells us that when we perform gentle stretching, specifically before bedtime, the body responds well because while we are sleeping we are in a state of healing and regeneration. Personally I use the following stretches through out the day, when I am feeling fatigued or after a long day of travel. (Dont tell anyone but I often make phone calls with my legs up the wallshhhh)
Lets get started!
Legs up the wall:
Begin on the floor with your hips as close as possible to the wall. Your gluts remain in contact with the floor. Roll onto your back with the legs against the wall. If you feel too much strain in the hamstrings push slightly away from the wall. Place a small towel under your head. Relax for three minutes.

Legs up the wall with hip stretch:
Bring the soles of the feet together focusing on the stretch in the hips. Relax for three more minutes.

Supine relaxed spinal twist:
In a supine position, cross your right leg over your left knee. Extend your arms perpendicular to your body. Allow your legs to fall to the left, placing two towels under your knees. Hold for three minutes and switch sides.

The entire series of post-round, endurance exercises is available on my Lower Your Score DVD. In addition you will receive a FREE one year subscription to Golf Fitness Magazine. Visit for more information.
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