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Spine Strengthening Series Week 2

This week I am teaching with Hank Haney at the beautiful Deerhurst Resort outside of Toronto, Ontario. Hank carefully evaluates the students swing mechanics and with the use of physical assessments, video analysis and interviews, I evaluate the students physical condition. If you are able to participate in one of Hanks schools at lease you can experience one of the series of stretches I teach to his students.
Todays series is designed to stretch the lumbar spine, shoulders, intercostals and hips and is a fundamental sequence of postures you should incorporate into your DAILY routine! Many students tell me they feel as if they have more space between each vertebrae, they experience the sensation of feeling taller and they are able to take deeper breaths. All this in ten minutes!
Here are a few tips for your new yoga practice:
  • Move dynamically in each pose ' breathing deeply in and out through your nose.

  • Move immediately from one pose to the next without a break.

  • Gently, continuously draw your navel towards your spine.

  • Begin and end in childs pose.

Childs pose with shoulder and lumbar spine stretch:
Begin a childs pose walking your hands towards the front of the mat. Place your hands as wide as the mat and press the fingers into the floor. Focus on grounding your gluts into your heels.

Walk you hands over to the left. Extend your left arm perpendicular to your left hip. Hold for three breaths and switch sides.

Extended full body stretch:
In a supine position, bring your arms above your head, stretching your body as much as possible. Focus your attention to your belly, stretching through the deepest part of your low belly and low back. Hold for three breaths, relax and repeat three times.

Knee to chest:
On your exhalation pull your left knee to your chest and your forehead to your knee. Exhale to the full body extension and switch sides. Repeat five times.

Spinal rotation:
PAR Level: feet remain on the floor
BIRDIE Level: lift your feet off the floor.

On your inhalation lower your legs to the left. On your exhalation, use your oblique abdominals, bringing the legs back to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat five to ten times in each direction.
Hip mobility stretch (Window Washers):
Begin by placing the feet wider than hip width apart.

Inhale, as you lower your legs to the left. Exhale and bring the legs back to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat five times.

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