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Spine Strengthening Series Week 3

This is the third week in the series designed to stretch and strengthen your spine. Add this weeks yoga postures to the past two weeks and you are now beginning to build a comprehensive back program.
The following yoga postures address your hips, side body or intercostals and obliques as well as a strengthening exercise for your gluts and lumbar spine.
Golf benefits of these poses:
More internal hip rotation in your swing ' helps prevent sliding or sway.
Intercostal stretch supports more turn from your trunk and consistency in your spine angle.
Glut and lumbar spine strengthener support more power and proper transference of energy from the lower body to the trunk.
Here are a few tips for your yoga practice:
  • Move dynamically in each pose ' breathing deeply in and out through your nose.

  • Move immediately from one pose to the next without a break.

  • Gently, continuously draw your navel towards your spine.

  • Begin and end in a childs pose.

90 / 90 or double pigeon pose:
This pose is called the 90 / 90 stretch because your knees are placed at a 90 degree angle and the quads are placed at a 90 degree angle to the body.

Bring the left leg forward and right leg back. Pull your navel in and on your exhalation gently fold forward. Repeat dynamically ten times and then hold the stretch for seven deep breaths. Switch sides and repeat
Tip: It is very common for one hip to be more limited than the other hip. Hold the stretch on the more restricted side for five more breaths.
Extended side angle / intercostals stretch on the ball:
Tip: Focus on pulling the navel towards the spine and pressing the hips forward in this pose. You will feel a MUCH deeper stretch in the hips and oblique abdominal muscles.
If you sit for extended periods of time during the day, hold this stretch for twenty breaths!
Place your left foot over your extended right leg, hip on the ball and right hand supporting your upper body. Bring your left arm over your head and focus on deep breaths as you stretch your left side body. Slowly switch sides and repeat.

Lumbar / glut strengthener on the ball:
Tip: Squeeze your gluts before you lift your legs.
Place the ball under your hips, hands placed under your shoulders. On your exhalation lift the legs, hold for three breaths, relax and repeat five times.

Finish in a childs pose.
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