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Stretch and Strengthen

Stretch and Strengthen:

To get more turn, one needs to stretch the large muscles of the back called the lats. Personally I do this pose every day and I use it with all of my golfers and MLB players. In addition to stretching the lats, you will feel a stretch in the lower back.

Once we complete the stretch phase of the pose we move onto strengthening the shoulders. Remember to breathe deeply, with the focus on lengthening and stretching deeper during the exhalation.

Let’s get started ... 

Separate the knees slightly wider than hip width apart and bring the glutes to your the heels.

Note: if this angle is difficult on the knees place a rolled up towel behind the knees.

Stretch your arms forward, placing them wider than your yoga mat. Come high onto your finger tips and hold for seven deep breaths, focusing on stretching the shoulders and lats.

Katherine Roberts Stretch and Strengthen

'Walk' your hands to the right and hold for seven more breaths. Maintain the connection between the glutes and heels. Switch sides.

Continue on your knees and bring the pinky side edge of your hands to the floor. Palms face each other but the arms remain slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Inhale deeply and on your exhalation lift your right arm, focusing on the strength in the shoulder.


Repeat 10 times on each side. Katherine Roberts Stretch and Strengthen










Katherine Roberts Stretch and Strengthen











 Katherine Roberts Stretch and Strengthen










Katherine Roberts Stretch and Strengthen










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