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Teetering or balanced - The Five minute balance drill

Teetering or balanced? - The Five minute balance drill!
The golf swing begins in the address position, described as static because the body is static or stationary. Once you begin the take away the movement is now dynamic, requiring core stabilization, body awareness and mental focus.
In this weeks sequence of exercises designed to enhance I incorporated the use of foam rollers. Begin your swing sequence by paying attention to your weight distribution, holding the address position for five deep breaths. Maintain a consistent spine angle as you begin your take away and throughout your swing. Hold the finish position for three deep breaths. (Check your weight distribution by balancing on your left leg for three more breaths).
Fitness tip: Supplement your balance conditioning program with my new DVD series, More Power and Distance. The DVD offers a ten minute series of exercises designed to increase your body awareness and balance entitled Progressive Balance Series.
Tips for maximum results:
Focus on the quality of movement ' form and function go hand in hand.
Activate the core ' maintain a supported spine angle by using the abdominal muscles.
Place a golf ball as if you were teeing up the ball and keep your eyes focused on the ball.
Follow the swing sequence as demonstrated in the photographs. Begin by holding each phase of the swing for three breaths. Move into a slow, continuous swing and then work on speeding up your swing.
Remember the quality of the movement is the most important piece of this exercise.


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