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Ten Week Challenge - Week 3

Strengthening Your Foundation and Rotation
This weeks addition to the Yoga for Golfers program builds strength in the back and lower body as well support your ability to increase rotation in the golf swing.
Here are a few tips reminding you of the guidelines for the Yoga For Golfers program:
  • Bend your knees at anytime, protecting tight hamstrings and low back.

  • Keep the muscles engaged ' flexed and active at all times.

  • Breathe deeply inhaling and exhaling through the nose.

  • Remember to continue to draw the navel towards the spine throughout the postures. This is to bring awareness to the core of the body and protects the back.

Extended Table Pose:

The warm-up sequence discussed in week one should be done every time you begin your yoga for golfers program. Add this Extended table pose to the warm-up. This pose supports strength in the erector spinae muscle group and the gluts.
Yoga for Golfers - Extended Table pose preparation

  • Begin on all fours, fingers spread wide, palms flat, drawing the navel inward engaging the core of the body.

  • Extend the right leg back, engaging the gluts, foot flexed. DO NOT arch the back.Maintain the table top position in the back.

  • Lift the left arm up.

  • Neck is relaxed, eyes focus towards the floor.

  • Hold for five breaths and switch sides.

  • This pose can be repeated to build more strength. A great pre-round warm-up.

Yoga for Golfers - Extended Table pose

Golf Benefit: Supports endurance and strength in the back and gluts for more power at impact and finish.
Triangle pose:

Yoga for Golfers - Triangle pose

  • Step the left foot forward four feet, revolving the right foot inward at a 45 degree angle.

  • Note: the left quad should be in line with the top of the left foot but not more than a 90 degree angle. The thigh should not revolve inward.

  • Extend the left side of the body over the left leg, placing the left hand on the thigh (PAR), shin (BIRDIE) or the floor (EAGLE).

  • Gently revolve your ribcage towards the ceiling, stretching the right arm up.

  • The eyes focus towards the left foot (PAR) or look towards the right hand (BIRDIE) if your balance allows.

  • Hold for five to seven breaths.

Golf Benefit: Supports balance and focus. Builds your foundation and increases torso rotation.
Warrior ll pose:

Yoga for Golfers - Warrior II pose

This pose benefits your balance and strength in the lower body (legs and gluts). You will gain strength in the upper body the rhomboids, trapezius, deltoids, forearms and hands.
  • Step the left foot forward, aligned with the edge of the yoga mat.

  • The right foot revolves in at a 90 degree angle. Bend the left knee into a 90 degree angle. Pay close attention to the position of the hips in the picture. Inhale, draw the navel towards the spine, lift or telescope the ribcage upward and twist from the core.

  • Keep the arms on the waist (PAR) or lift the arms to shoulder height.

  • The scapulas move down the back so you so not scrunch or tighten the upper trapezius or shoulders towards the ears. (Most of us carry all our stress around our upper shoulders. Use this opportunity to relieve that tension!)

  • Press the hands away from the mid-line of the body pressing the fingers wide.

  • Eyes focus over the left hand.

  • Hold for five to ten breaths.

Golf Benefit: Supports a strong foundation and club control.
Extended Side Angle pose:

Yoga for Golfers - Extended Side Angle pose prep

  • From the Warrior ll position, bring the left elbow down to the left knee. Do not sink into the shoulder but rather lift up and out of the shoulder.

  • Revolve the ribcage toward the ceiling.

  • Bring the right hand to the waist (PAR) or lift the right arm directly over the right ear (BIRDIE/EAGLE).

  • Eyes focus towards the floor (PAR) or upwards if the neck is not strained at all (EAGLE).

  • Hold for five to seven breaths. Switch sides and repeat.

Golf Benefit: Supports full extension and rotation in the golf swing as well as enhances balance.
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