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Ten Week Challenge - Week 4

Three Components to Better Balance
In a recent radio interview, Tom Lehman shared that his 'commitment to fitness allows him to swing as hard as possible while staying balanced and maintaining
In week four, our main focus is balance. This weeks sequence of poses is as much about the function of balance, the importance of the core to initiate balance and the most important component to good balance -- intense concentration.
According to Paul Chek, Golf Biomechanical specialist and founder of the C.H.E.K. Institute in San Diego, California, It has been scientifically proven that before there is any movement in the arms or legs, there is a contraction of the abdominals, setting up a stability system preparing the body for movement. In yoga we refer to the concept of drawing the navel towards the spine, engaging the abdominals.
Note: As you move your body visualize each movement originating from the core and moving towards the rest of the body. Moving from the inside out.
Begin by focusing on a spot on the floor approximately four feet in front of you. Continue this focus as you move in and out of the pose as well as between poses. On the golf course, we have all allowed the mind to wander. Maintaining focus through this sequence of poses can help you stay focused on the course.
Balancing Tree Pose:

Yoga for Golfers - Balancing Tree pose

Bring the right foot up placing it on the inside of the left knee or the inner thigh. Hands come to the waist. Hold for five breaths. Lift arms over the head and hold for five more breaths. Switch sides.
Hip Opening Balancing Pose:

Yoga for Golfers - Hip Opening Balancing pose

PAR Level: Begin by concentrating, then bring the left heel on the outside of the right knee. Try to press your knee towards the floor. Note: You should feel a stretch in the hip, not the knee.
Yoga for Golfers - Hip Opening Balancing pose

BIRDIE Level: Bring the hands to the waist; draw the navel in working the core and hinge at the hips. Note: Keep the back flat, not rounded. Hold for five breaths. Extend the arms out to the side and hold for another five breaths. Switch sides.
Warrior Three Pose:

Yoga for Golfers - Warrior Three pose

PAR Level: Begin by stepping the right foot forward approximately two feet. Drawing the navel inward, hinge at the hips, arms by the side, bringing the upper body towards the shin. Keep the hips level and you will also develop strength in the legs, hips and gluts.
Note: If necessary, you may slightly bend your supporting leg, maintain your balance and then begin to straighten the leg.
Engage or squeeze the buttocks on the left side as you flex the left foot.
Yoga for Golfers - Warrior Three pose

BIRDIE / EAGLE Level: Arms come to the side like the parallel to the floor or extend them forward, palms facing each other.
Note: You should not feel this in the back ' maintain the core strength.
Hold for five to seven breaths and switch sides.
On Course Tip: I suggest incorporating this concept into your pre-shot routine. Set your stance, take a deep inhalation and cleansing exhalation, then draw the navel towards the spine. Now begin your take away. Pay attention to the increased stability and balance you experience.
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